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ARPA-E MONITOR Program Awarded

Our partner Thorlabs (formerly Maxion Technologies) has been named as an awardee in the ARPA-E MONITOR program, in which Praevium, Thorlabs and Rice University will develop a Mid-Infrared light source for sensing gasses related to the oil & gas energy sectors.

The new project leverages our expertise in extending our tunable laser technologies to new wavelengths and material systems. The goal is to produce a cost-effective methane detection system for reducing the carbon emission footprint of the oil & gas industries.

“The MONITOR projects aim to further the sustainability of domestic natural gas production by creating sophisticated methane detection technologies that improve the safety of operations and reduce the waste of natural gas through leaks.”

You can find more information on the ARPA-E MONITOR program here, and see the Thorlabs press release here.

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